TOP 5 burglar break in strategies

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Both break-ins and attempted break-ins have increased nationally over recent years, with the Northern Territory and Western Australia leading the states and territories. Accoring to NRMA Insurance, most burglaries happen on a Friday (17%) and are reported at 5pm, indicating that most burglaries occur during the day while nobody is home.

So here are the TOP 5 burglar break in strategies….

5. Using keys that may have been stolen or lost.
You would have to be pretty lucky to come across some keys and then manage to find the house they belong to! Much more likely that a key is stolen and the burglar follows the person home to see where they live. They can then return at a later time to finish the job….probably on a Friday.

4. Through the Roof
An athletic burglar can get on the roof, lift a few tiles and be inside in a matter of minutes. Maybe the neighbours will see it!?

3. Smashing a Window
Not quite as discreet as a stolen key but just as fast! Most often there is no one around to hear the falling glass.

2. Forced Door or Window
Are your doors and windows properly secured when you leave the property? How hard is it for you to get into the house when you are locked out?  If you can get in easily then you can bet that a burglar will do it just as easily.

1. Unlocked Door or Window
Really? What kind of security measure is this? “I know, I’ll go out for a while and just leave everything open, no one is going to steal my stuff!”

There is no real rocket science behind these break in strategies, all are very simple to do but also VERY easy to deter with home or commercial alarm systems with alarm monitoring!

“90% of burglars have admitted they would stay away from properties with alarm monitoring systems”