The VIDMIC is a fully operational shoulder mic which houses:

• A full colour Digital Video Recorder
• A full colour Still Photo Camera
• A Digital Audio Recorder

The VIDMIC works like a regular shoulder mic only it needs to be worn centre mass instead of on the shoulder. It does not require you to add any battery packs or additional equipment to your belt. It attaches to your radio and draws no more power than a standard microphone.

Perfect for:vidmic commercial securityvidmic commercial security
• Police
• Clubs
• Pubs
• Security
• Gaming lounges
• Casinos
• Carparks
• Hotels
• Resorts



vidmic security
Download the Vidmic brochure

VIDMIC Specifications
Sensor: 1/2.5 ccd
Effective pixels: 5.36 mega pixels
Image size: 2580×1920 (5 mil)
LCD monitor: 1.5 inchs
Focal length: f=6.089 mm
Aperture: F/3.25
View angle: 63
Photo format: jpg
video format: mpeg4/avi
Video speed: 30fps
Video codex: Xvid
Resolution: 240×120
Lux: 1,2
Battery: internal 3.7 1800m Ah Lithlum
Memory: internal 1G flash memory

• Two heavy duty clothing clips stabilised to the unit
• 3.5 Audio jack on the mic head for use with a listen only headphone
• On selected models, the accessory connector which attaches the VIDMIC to your radio provides an additional push-to-talk buttonIncluded with the VIDMIC
• Car charger
• USB/mini USB connector cable
• Five LCD screen protectors

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