CCTV Systems & Security Cameras

Did you know that there is a burglary EVERY 12 seconds resulting in over $3 billion in property and personal loss?

Our CCTV camera systems will give you peace of mind!

  1. Check on your property via any internet connection!
  2. Save video and images
  3. Custom CCTV system solutions
  4. High definition digital video clarity

We can provide you with the CCTV camera video surveillance solutions you require. Video can be saved to a stand alone digital video recorder.

The CCTV systems save the images on the internal hard disk drive. Images can be transferred to a CD-R via the inbuilt CD Burner.

Your CCTV camera images can be viewed remotely via the internet, so now you can keep an eye on your property where ever you have access to the internet. Images can also be viewed via some Smartphone’s.


CCTV Demo Footage

Station Robbery

Low Light Camera

Store Robbery

Drunk Driver

Contact us for more information regarding your CCTV camera system needs.

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