Alarm Monitoring

90% of burglars have admitted that they would stay away from places with monitored alarm systems…

Having a monitored security system will:

  1. Get a team of professionals to deal with your burglars within minutes of the alarm going off.
  2. Protect your loved ones against theft and attack.
  3. Save you money as many insurance companies reduce their premiums for back to base monitoring systems.
  4. Prevent you or your neighbours from having to confront any number of violent attackers.
  5. Give you peace of mind knowing that SASAA is constantly monitoring your property and keeping it safe for you.

Our Alarm monitoring Solutions

  • alarm systems & alarm monitoringDigital Dialler – Your alarm can be monitored by the control room via a standard telephone line.
  • High Security – We offer polled alarm monitoring where your alarm system is constantly online and checked (polled) at predetermined intervals.
  • Monitoring without a landline telephone – We are able to monitor your alarm without the need for you to have a landline telephone. Contact us to find out how.
  •  GPRS Permaconn monitoring
  • Internet
  • GPRS
  • PSTN

The Permaconn system constantly ensures alarm systems & alarm monitoringconnection with the alarm monitoring centre and is able to switch between the different paths to ensure the signals are sent and the monitoring centre. Permaconn is ‘Always on’ constantly sending signals to the monitoring centre. Permaconn does not need any time to establish a connection to the monitoring centre when an alarm is activated ensuring the signal is sent to the monitoring centre without delay.

You do not incur any additional costs associated with sending the alarm signals ie phone call costs.

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